[others] Photobook Malaysia

Well, it's been pretty silent over here since I'm just waiting impatiently for my NYC trip (20 more days!!!). In the meantime, thought I'd just show off my beautiful Photobook :D

Photobooks are probably the new "in-thing" right now in Malaysia - more so since we've all pretty much resorted to digital cameras, but we don't really whip out those pictures to look at it anymore. So photobooks really shouldn't come as a surprise since it gives you the best of both worlds - you get to shoot in digital form, but you also get to see the pictures in the physical form.

I bought a Photobook Malaysia deal at Groupon Malaysia a while back, and when inspiration finally struck, I finally sat down and finished collaging the whole thing. I got it on a cheap deal (RM54) so it was a win/win situation for me. The software itself was easy to configure and once you got the ball rolling, it felt so exciting to put everything together.

Everything was done on the computer - when I was done with my book, I sent an order through the internet (the software has an uploading option) and not even a week later, my book came! Yay!

Overall, I'm super happy with the quality of the photobook and can highly recommend Photobook Malaysia's service. Good user-friendly software; beautiful, glossy pages with excellent colour rendering; fast and efficient service (there was an instance where the cover had to be adjusted and they emailed me and resolved everything so efficiently) - I'm very happy with their service this time around. Just keep an eye out for a Groupon deal because the deals are pretty common nowadays.

In fact, I've bought another deal in anticipation of my NYC trip :P NYC, here I come!

(Also, I purchased another item which I'm super excited to use in NYC! Will be putting up a post on that soon.)