[2010] Singapore

So shortly after I started working (some time in July/Aug 2009), my friends invited me to go to Singapore - this was in anticipation of the sorta-newly-opened Universal Studios in Singapore. This was back in 2010, and was, I think, what really started that wanderlust compulsion going. Thanks guys, now I barely have any life savings.

Anyway, the visit also consisted of several other Singapore attractions, and my friends wanted to meet up with her other friends while we were there. Also: shopping. Yes, sadly I'm not exempted from this compulsion. There goes my nonexistent life savings.

So there was a dance crew at Universal Studio on that day. And one of my friends got (reluctantly) roped in to perform with the rest of the kiddies. Suffice to say, she had no dance moves so she had to act like a human resembling a jellyfish.

Obligatory pictures when in Universal Studio.

We went during December, so there we lots of Christmas decorations; unfortunately, I've lost most of the pictures during this trip - it was my first trip, thus that's my only defense lol. So here, have an obligatory photo of what I ate for our supper around 11.30pm that day.

Weirdly enough, during this trip there wasn't a lot of sightings of other Muslims/Malays around the area that we went to. This was surprising because Singapore is basically a neighbour to Malaysia, and I guess I expected a lot more Muslims around the area. So this was my first "culture shock" - and this was just a trip to a nearby country! I had to laugh whenever I thought about this trip - it was easy for my friends to look for me if I were ever separated from them, because they just had to search for the girl wearing a scarf/hijab.

Tension runs high sometimes between Singapore and Malaysia, but this tension is usually exaggerated (like, say, during sports event, or some fight between disputed land). There was no animosity when I visited, despite the rare "viewing" of Malays and Muslims around. Perhaps I just did not venture outside of the more touristy zone, so I felt like a ~special snowflake~ when I was there (no, not really, I just wanted to use that phrase I'll be honest).

Food was something we had to look out for though, since many may not be halal. Only certain restaurants seemingly cater to Muslim when it comes to meat etc. So during the stay we mainly stick with flour-based good, fish, or seafood. (The seafood by the beach was awesome! Alas, no pictures as I lost them.)

And thus concludes our weekend getaway to Singapore. This was surprisingly what got the ball rolling afterwards.