[LOMBOK 2015] Lombok, Gili Trawangan, Gili Air & Gili Meno

This was a pretty last-minute planned trip (notice how all my 2015 trips started off saying the same thing? Haha) because my colleagues just randomly checked the price of AirAsia tickets to Lombok. As it was pretty cheap (it was around RM200+ per pax for a roundtrip), we bought the tickets on a whim lol. I imagined my boss might not be too happy with me being gone so soon after my Japan trip, so I decided to stay there for 4D3N and go back to Malaysia one day earlier lol.

So we decided to stay two nights in Lombok (Senggigi area) and I would stay one night in Gili Trawangan while my friends would stay on for another night (how I wish I had stayed one more night now!). Our hotel in Lombok was amazinggg, as our rooms exited right onto the expansive pool.

We also decided to hire a mini-van private tour with Abel / Sibli, who was kind enough to accommodate us with all our wishes and basically helped to shape our itinerary while we were in Lombok. Highly recommended if you do want to use their services :) (You may contact me via e-mail for his info!) Other than that, we arranged our accommodations on our own, and only fine-tuned the itinerary given by Abel / Sibli based on our interests.

We ended up going to Benang Setokel & Benang Kelambu waterfalls on our first day, and from thereon made our way to Kuta Beach and Mawun Beach. Mawun Beach was my favourite beach in Lombok! It had such a laidback atmosphere and the beach felt more private compared to Kuta Beach. Should definitely be in everyone's itinerary, plus the scenery there was beautiful.

After that, we made our way to Gili Trawangan when we then took a snorkeling tour to Gili Meno and Gili Air (lunch with a few and beautiful snorkeling spots, what else could you ask for really?). 

While we were riding the boat, we could hear the azan (Muslim call for prayer) resounding throughout the sea, which was pretty amazing. (Lombok alone has 1000+ surau / prayer rooms, you're sure to find one every 5km or so, I kid you not.) Suffice to say, Lombok & Gili are two perfect spots for Muslim visitors :) Also, I really really miss the food there! The spicy chicken was my favourite <3



Thanks for the great fun, Lombok! Definitely of my favourite vacations ever <3

Last but not least, here's a video of our trip to Lombok & Gili with the help of my dad's GoPro:

#UGretreat @ Lombok from Nadirah on Vimeo.

Places Visited:
- Lombok (Benang Setokel, Benang Kelambu, Kuta Beach, Mawun Beach)
- Gili Trawangan
- Gili Air
- Gili Meno