[JAPAN 2015] Day 7-10: Nanba, Kobe & Universal Studio Japan

For Day 7 until Day 9, I would be meeting up & travelling with my bff and her family - lol, I was the 6th wheel of the family basically, and worked part-time as a tour guide as well :P (The other part-timer was my bff's dad hahaha.) Since the start of Japan's Golden Week was upon us, we decided to just wander around the Osaka area and also visit USJ before my friend & her family make their way to Hawaii (which, also, I'M SO JEALOUS T_T)


Orang Melayu kata: indah khabar dari rupa hahaha. The preserved fruits weren't good but the ice cream and pastry was okay.


The bridge I climbed back in 2014!

Ever since I've heard about the opening of WWoHP at Universal Studio Japan, I've wanted to go because it's Harry Potterrrr! I've been to the one in Universal Studio Orlando and the park was awesome (in fact I heard they're expanding the park now T_T Dammit Universal Studios, why?!).

Seeing how we're going during Golden Week, we decided to purchase a fast pass to bypass the lines at USJ - it saved us quite a lot of time and we were able to ride on all the major rollercoasters :D So yes, they're a bit more expensive, but they're worth it. We bought our tickets and the express pass in Malaysia from Wendy Tour travel agency - spoke to them through phone calls and emailed them back and forth, and in the end they mailed the tickets to us :) It was pretty effortless considering we didn't go to their office at all. (On another note, you can also buy JR passes through these travel agencies but you'd have to buy them at the offices since it requires your passport for identification - I usually buy mine from a different travel agency, but honestly they're all the same. Pick the office that's closer to you!)

Just be aware that the rides and attractions are all in Japanese, so Harry, Ron & Hermione were speaking Japanese during the Forbidden Journey ride :P As I already went on the ride in Orlando and I could understand some basic Japanese, it was okay for me. It doesn't take away from the experience itself, but it can be a bit frustrating not to know what they're saying as you go through the rides.


And with that, we end 7 - Day 10. The next day I would be back to travelling alone and will say farewell to my wheels. It's been a fun 4 days, but I was ready to go to Mt. Koya!