[BORACAY 2013] Day 2: Clark, Kalibo, Boracay

DAY 2 (28 Feb 2013): Clark - Kalibo - Boracay
- Flight from Clark to Kalibo
- Bus ride from Kalibo to Caticlan jetty (2-3 hours)
- Ferry ride to Boracay Island
- Shuttle from jetty to hotel (Tanawin Resort & Luxury Appartment, Bulabog Beach)
- Night trip to D'Mall for dinner

Since our flight from Clark to Kalibo was some time in the late afternoon, after breakfast we decided to look around the Clark area. There were some interesting shops and restaurants, plus we had a ride on the tuk tuk to make our way back to the hotel even though it was within walking distance lol.

A modest percentage of the Philippines population are made up of Muslims - I'm not too sure how many Muslims there are in Clark itself though, since during our walk through Angeles City, there weren't too many Muslims around. People didn't seem to mind me too much whenever I walk by, so at the very least the Filipinos are well-acquainted with practicing Muslims, even though there may not seem like there's a lot of us around.

There were a number of halal restaurants around the area, although you'd have to ask the local Muslims to be sure. Halal restaurants are those typical Indian-Muslim or Arab-Muslim cuisine restaurants, which I wasn't too keen on. Since beggars can't be choosers, however, we opted to eat some kebab at one of the Arab-Muslim restaurants there - the beriani rice was very good, actually!

The tuk-tuk
On our way to Kalibo
Found this at Kalibo Airport

The view that greeted us at the jetty when we finally arrived in Boracay
 We made our way to the airport again after checking out to catch our flight to Kalibo Airport. The Clark airport was pretty small, so there's not really any chance of you getting lost - there are separate entrances for domestic and international flights though so you'd have to take note of that.

Kalibo Airport, if it was possible (which it obviously was), was even smaller than Clark airport. When we entered the departure "hall", we immediately saw the luggage conveyor belt and joined the queue to retrieve our bags.

We had arranged with our hotel (Tanawin) to make arrangement for shuttle from Kalibo airport to the hotel itself, so we had someone waiting for us to take us to our respective busses and to our respective ferry. We almost missed our ferry ride but luckily got onto it on time. Overall, if you asked for your Boracay hotel to arrange the transfer from the airport to the hotel for you, it's a painless process, although you'd really have to adhere to their process or risk getting left behind. Price for transfer is typically 1200 to 2000 pesos or so (return transfer).

When we arrived at Tanawin, we were very happy with our room - it deserved its name as a luxury apartment.

There was a free shuttle from Tanawin to D'Mall every hour, so we took advantage of that and went to D'Mall (only open-aired shopping mall on Boracay) to find dinner and just get the feel of the place on that first night.

After dinner and a little window shopping, we were ready to call it a night - it has been a long transit day, which took a toll on us towards nighttime.

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