[BORACAY 2013] Day 4: Boracay Day 2

DAY 4 (3 Mar 2013): Boracay Day 2
- Check out of Tanawin Resort
- Check in into Astoria Boracay Resort (Station 1 on White Beach)
- Crystal Cove
- Helmet Diving
- Zipline
- Zorb Ball
- Dinner @ D'Mall

First order of the day was to check out of Tanawin Resort, which was so beautiful T_T We didn't even have time to fool around at their infinity pool since we didn't really stay at the hotel all that much. So even though the place was awesome, it's only worth it if you were going to visit the land attractions as well as the surrounding area of Bulabog Beach. Since we were short on time, we only managed to do most of the sea activities, and only some of the land activities (see: Zorb ball, Zipline).

After checking out of Tanawin, we made our way to Station 1 of the White Beach to check into Astoria Boracay hotel. Couldn't be happier with our room and the hotel itself.

Our outside-room view for 2 nights

Yep, our hotel walks right out onto the beach of Station 1
The night before, we booked some activities with Ruel, one of the tour guides in Boracay. Seriously, just arrange all your activities in Boracay and you can handpick which activities you want to do instead of doing things you're not interested in. Doing this saved us a lot of time and money - heck I even had leftover spending money when we left Boracay which I then promptly spent in Clark.

We were really satisfied with Ruel's service, as he made every effort to squeeze in every activities which we wanted to do (well, the feasible ones anyway - you'd have to accept the fact that you're not going to finish everything in 2-3 days). Plus he photographed all of our activities for us without prompting - I'm sure this was probably true of many of the tour guides, but the fact that Ruel was with our group from the start of the tour till the end to photograph us, and at one point, even taught us to dive up to 10m while holding our breath (which we didn't succeed at - but we tried!) spoke volumes of his character. Plus he's a funny guy - kinda reminded me of my dad a bit, heh. In summation: HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

Ruel's contact details, should you need it: (email) ruel_escarez@yahoo.com (phone) 09129756393 / 09064323931. Or just look for his stall sign along Station 1.

Our plan with Ruel was to go island hopping to Crystal Cove island, snorkel as well as go helmet diving for the sea activities. Afterwards we planned to do the Zorb ball and Zipline for the land activities.

The Council of Silly-Looking Chairs.
Well, who are we to resist?

Does this helmet make me look fat?
NO FISHIES YOU'RE BLOCKING MY BEAUTIFUL FATFACE-- what do you mean that's the point of helmet diving?

In which I'm always un-synchronized. *sigh*
At the back is the Zorb ball
Which is supposed to roll from up the hill onto this camera view.
For maximum awesomeness, Zorb ball will massage your back as your fellow friends roll on top of you, crushing your tender skull just kidding
Suffice to say, it was a packed day. We only went back to the hotel for a change of clothes in between the sea and land activities - didn't have a moment for rest, and I think we subsisted mostly of Jonah's shakes instead of real food.

Speaking of which.
Have I advertised the place enough?

After watching the sunset (not our day, we didn't manage to catch a really stunning sunset, but this was beautiful nonetheless), we left in search for food since we really didn't eat and basically just snacked on some fries and mango shakes throughout the day. We went along D'Mall to look for any other appetizing restaurants, but we came back to the fish & chips restaurant in the end since it was safest. Oh fish, I can't quit you.


Annnnd that concludes our second full day in Boracay. The final day is looming :(

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