[2013] ClubMed Cherating, Malaysia (4 Jan - 6 Jan)

ClubMed Cherating 2013
4 - 6 Jan 2013

It's been a while since I last saw my girls ever since Mabeline got married back in 2011, so we decided to have a short weekend getaway for the 6 of us, since the trip would coincide well with their return from Aussie and Singapore. (3 of us are stuck in Malaysia, 2 of us in Aussie, and loner Alli is in Singapore.)

We saw that ClubMed was having a promotion for travel time in January so we jumped at the chance. I think we paid around RM1500 for 2 nights per pax, and since we were short on time we only stayed there for 3D2N. I wish it could've been longer, since our stay there was perfect. But then again, I always end up wanting to extend my holidays, so that's nothing new I guess.

Anyway, I think most would be familiar on how ClubMed works - but it's just basically a private club getaway where you can bring your entire family there and just have a blast. There's a lot of activities there which you and your children could join in - small children and toddlers would be taken care of by one of the many GOs (Gentil Organisateur) where the children are usually taken to do other activities nearby.

Three days is definitely too short - I think a 5-day or 7-day stay would be perfect and would've been less busy for all of us lol. We were trying to squeeze in every possible activities that we wanted to do - we'd have an early morning and a late night in ha. Can't complain, was having too much fun!

Our basic itinerary was like this:

Arrive in ClubMed (we could only check in after 3pm, which was a downer)
Had late lunch at the noodle bar
Played around in the pool in the evening
Went to the night show, where there's apparently a beauty pageant - feat. cross-dressing GOs

Woke up early for Sunrise Yoga
Went to Step class
Go to the pool for Water Aerobic class (not as easy as it looks!)
Pool golf!

Went sailing on the catamaran
Zen Pool

Horror Night Show - with some of the most awesome acrobatics I've seen by the GOs
Hung out with free drinks until bedtime

Step class
Lazing around the Zen Pool
Checking out of ClubMed :(

Drove around Kemaman in search of the perfect keropok lekor (and found it!)

My lovely girls <3
Late lunch at the noodle bar

"Miss" Cherating 2013

Pool golf (y'all thought I was lying didn't you)
Shuttle to the private beach & Zen Pool

The trapeze section!
Climbing up to the trapeze platform - scariest climb up of my life (well, at least up till January)

Taking that leap of faith

Only managed to turn upside down on my 3rd try on the trapeze :D Worth it

All of us got medals for turning upside down, yay!
Sssh, let us have our medals

Overall, 'twas a fun getaway - we're already planning our next ClubMed holiday :D