[NYC 2013] Day 14: NYC Last Day & Return to Malaysia

DAY 14 (8 Nov 2013): Back to Malaysia
- Walk along 5th Avenue again
- Last look around Times Square
- Bye, NYC :'(

My friends were going back to Aussie in the morning, while Nadia and I had at least half a day before we had to make our way back to Malaysia *sighs* Ohhh NYC you feel like a dream :( 

Overall, it's been a truly fun 2 weeks spent in Orlando and NYC - we did everything that we wanted to do and that at least we could say we'll be coming back happy. Nothing untoward happened, we spent a happy 3 days in Orlando (even though I was kinda sick for half of it), we spent 7 days happily going around NYC, and I got to go back to Albany once more :') 

If I had the funds to go again, I would probably go, although I would need to rethink the decisions a few times lol. I would probably need my salary to increase by 10x if I want to go again, to be honest :P 

But I'm happy to have gotten the opportunity to go back to where there were so many memories made. 

So long, NYC. I'll see you when I see you!