[NYC 2013] Day 12 & 13: NYC

DAY 12 (6 Nov 2013) & DAY 13 (7 Nov 2013): NYC
- (Day 12) Goose chase to find my dad's Rembrandt paints
- Walk around Union Square to find them :P
- (Day 13) Walk from Central Park down to 5th Avenue (FAO Schwarz etc.)

Erm, so there weren't that many pictures from Day 12, as I spent it looking for my dad's Rembrandt paints as well as looking for an eReader for myself (I settled for a B&N's Nook, which I absolutely loveeee) around Union Square. I actually spent quite a lot of time looking for these items, and before I knew it, it was 7pm lol. Went to watch Matilda with Nadia on this night.

On Day 13, we decided to take our last stroll around Manhattan, starting from Grand Central and moving downtown, since it would be our last full day in NYC :( 

Union Square!

Had dinner at Nobu. Gotta say, the food was a bit underwhelming.

And our last night in NYC ends thus.

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