[NYC 2013] Day 4: Disneyworld Day 2

DAY 4 (29 Oct 2013): Disneyworld Day 2
- Disneyworld's Hollywood Studios 

So the last time I went to Disneyworld with my family, we only went to Magic Kingdom. So I had no idea what to expect for Hollywood Studios - was originally debating between going here vs. Epcot, but ended up going to Hollywood Studios for the number of rides it has compared to Epcot. 

I was basically feeling pretty sick on this day, and sprained my foot from over-excitement the previous day (lol no seriously, no idea how I sprained it, but there it is). So I chickened out of the Tower of Terror because I didn't want to barf all over other people lol (apparently it wasn't even that scary, darnit!). Ah well at least I did go on the Rock n' Roller Coaster, which was fun if a bit headache-inducing lol.

Felt slightly better afterwards so I did enjoy the rest of the day, luckily :) Not a lot of pictures due to the aforementioned nausea / barfing thing, though, ha.

We opted to go back earlier on this day to recuperate before we hit Universal Studios the next day, so our bus would be picking us up some time around 5pm. The shuttle buses between Disneyworld parks were pretty strict about their timing, so my friend and I missed the shuttle to our next bus T_T This was due to my sprained ankles, as I couldn't run and all *sobs* Thankfully everything turned out well, although the bus driver who was taking us back to the hotel did have to wait for us and make everyone else wait as well. 

Looking back at it, I would've probably laughed at myself, trying to run at full speed ahead while nursing a sprained ankle. C'est la vie, non? 


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