[NYC 2013] Day 2: Orlando

DAY 1 (27 Oct 2013): Malaysia - NYC - Orlando
- Shopping @ outlets 

After the hectic day we had the previous day, what with the 24hours++ journey and transit and all, you would've thought we'd be jetlagged and tired on this day.

Fear not, the thought of shopping put every exhaustion out of our mind :D

First thing we did was to walk to a nearby iHop for breakfast - the pancakes were pretty good! All soft and light, just the way I love it. Oh I miss American food sometimes!

Afterwards, we went to buy our iTrolley ticket - think we bought it to be used in 3 days, and it was pretty cheap considering ($7) we can use it any time within the loops that run in between the roads in Universal area.

There were two shopping outlets nearby, and we decided to go to both (of course) after breakfast. The outlets were really huge, but I wasn't interested in all of the brands since I couldn't afford most of them :P I was very happy with their Coach and Kate Spade selections, however! 

Without realizing it, I already spent $1000 (USD mind you!) in one day OTL.

Forgive the lack of pictures, I was too busy concentrating on shopping for bargains rather than taking pictures unfortunately. 

So that was basically the end of Day 2 in Orlando - with lots of smiles and lots of shopping bags (and empty wallets). 

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