[NYC 2013] Day 3: Disneyworld Day 1

DAY 3 (28 Oct 2013): Malaysia - NYC - Orlando
- Disneyworld's Magic Kingdom 

I still remember my last visit to Disneyworld with my whole family, which was more than 10 years ago. It was during summer holidays, and it was sweltering - the humid kind, the kind I hate the most because the sweat clings to you and make you all icky (as opposed to the burning one where you mostly get sunburnt). 

My parents were there on a scholarship, as they were pursuing their Masters' degrees at the time (both of them were studying in RPI, Troy). There were seven of us in the family, including my parents. Basically we had to really save up for the Disneyworld & Universal Studios trip at the time, so we cut cost wherever we can, which meant packed lunches for us basically.

So imagine the sweltering heat, the crowd due to summer holidays, the waiting lines, and then imagine having to carry the packed lunches and camera equipment.

Looking back at it, I was an ungrateful idiot :) 

I mean, there we were in Disneyworld, and we were supposed to enjoy ourselves instead of sulking over heavy bags. Eventually I got over the whole bag thing and we eventually began to enjoy ourselves, but existing pictures of our time in Disneyworld and Universal Studios would pretty much show our sulky faces when they were taken in the early morning :P So thanks mom & dad for putting up with me and my sulky ways, I love you forever. 

Having that in mind, I was happy to visit Disneyworld again, and was determined to enjoy myself from morning to nighttime!

We went there a few days before Halloween, and the decorations were fantastic! I saw some pictures of Disneyworld during Christmas and wow, that was even lovelier. They really think of all the fine details.

Darnit, sun!

Disneyworld has Starbucks now! Definitely wasn't there 10 years ago, not that we could've afforded it on our budget lol
Lunch at one of their restaurants

This was where my family and I sat down to have our packed lunches and drinks, lol. Meeeemories~
LOVE the Tangled deco - can you spot a wanted poster? 

The parade show that night was fantastic, love all the lightworks and the fireworks - didn't manage to get any good pictures of the fireworks since there were too many people and I was actually coming down with a cold, unfortunately.

Overall though, it was a memorable trip, and I got to revisit all my favourite rides and re-live my childhood. How many people can claim that, really, so I consider myself lucky.

The next day: Disneyworld Day 2!

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