[NYC 2013] Day 6 & 7: NYC (United Nations, Grand Central, Bryant Park, Madison Square Garden)

DAY 6 & 7 (31 Oct & 1 Nov 2013): NYC Day 1 & 2
- Orlando to NYC via JetBlue
- (Day 1) NYC Halloween Parade
- (Day 2) Visit to United Nations Visitors Centre
- Grand Central Station
- NY Library & Bryant Park
- Macy's Square
- Madison Square

So we took it easy on day 1, and after checking out, we made our way to NYC via JetBlue. Woohoo! It was Halloween, and there would of course be the (in)famous Halloween Parade this year, so we were pretty excited about that. Unfortunately it was raining, so a lot of the pictures didn't turn out that well :( 

Just a look into our room. Cozy and beautiful view.

Arrived at our hotel to find out that they're serving free mac n' cheese from a truck because it's Halloween night! What an awesome welcome.

So what no one told you about the parade was that the subway was going to be closed at certain areas, so we had to walk a few blocks away to find a subway station we can take back to our hotel.

Along the walk there were so many interesting people and interesting sights, what with it being Halloween and all. I wish I was feeling better at the time to capture the moment, but with my fever from a few days before and my sudden homesickness** when I reached NYC, I just couldn't get into the moment as much as I wish I could.

** (Well, it wasn't so much as it was "homesick" as it was really "I wish my family are here with me because the last time I was here I was with them and it's making me really really sad that they're not here with me I just miss them" so. It was kind of a lot to process that night I guess.)

Anyway, on the next day, our first itinerary plan was to go to the United Nations visit, where you actually get to go inside the UN Headquarters in NYC for a guided tour. The guided tour was well worth it, since it gives you some insights on the inner workings of the United Nations' electoral process etc., plus you can actually see the meeting rooms where they usually hold the international conferences between each nation's representatives. Pretty cool.

After that, we decided to just walk around the area, since we wanted to find SIM cards which would enable us to use wifi / internet there. After that we made our way to Grand Central Station - apparently it was its 100th year anniversary! Pretty awesome to know that this place is actually 100 freaking years old. 

This was the only reason we knew about the anniversary, lol.

After that we decided to make our way to the NY Library and walk along the area, and afterwards make our way to 5th Avenue for some shopping and sightseeing (well, mostly shopping).

NY Public Library - we went inside, but I wasn't sure if we could take photos since it was so silent. Pretty awesome place. I would love to stay in NYC ;_;

It's awesome that Macy's @ Herald Square had a sort of square center where you can just lounge around waiting for your partners to shop. You can even have lunch here because there are foodcarts around the area, even halal foodcarts! Awesome idea. Would probably not work for Malaysia though with its temperamental and hot weather lol.

Made our way to Madison Square Garden, but since there were no events at the time, it was desolated and kind of a letdown.

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