[KANSAI 2012] Day 8: Nanba Parks, Kansai Airport

DAY 8 (5 February 2012): Nanba, Kansai Airport

- Nanba Parks
- Return to Malaysia via AirAsia X

Woke up early since it'll be our last day in Japan :(

After breakfast, the three of us went to Dotonbori for the last time and then off to Nanba Parks to view the rooftop park. One of my friends slept in since she had some back problem, so it was up to the 3 of us to figure out how to maximize our time there.

Apparently, by a lot of camwhoring.

Last breakfast in Japan :'(

Last Mos burger in Japan :'(


And then off we were to Kansai Airport (KIX) via the subway :'(

 Bye Japan, I'll be seeing you again next year :')

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