[BORACAY 2013] Day 6: Boracay Day 4 - Clark

DAY 6 (4 Mar 2013): Boracay Day 4 - Clark
- Trip to Mango outlet
- Walk along White Beach from Station 3 to hotel
- Check out of hotel for flight @ 8.15pm (Kalibo to Clark)
- Journey from Boracay - Caticlan - Kalibo - Clark
- One night in Clark @ Tune Hotel

We're going to be in Boracay for only half a day on this day, as we had to make our way back to Malaysia via a ferry ride, a bus ride, and two flights. It was exhausting.

To add to our sadness, on this day we heard about the border skirmishes between Malaysia and Philippines over each others' rightful "ownership" of the land of Sabah. *sighs* (I am speaking from the post of a privileged person, I fully realized that; however, I'm sad and just plain tired of seeing all these border skirmishes between the East Asian countries.) So we were understandably worried a little for our safety, if we'll be able to make it back to Malaysia without coming to any harm. I mean, the skirmish is in Sulu, Manila, which might not affect Clark or Boracay, but nonetheless we were still worried. I needn't have been too worried, since we've obviously made it back safely to Malaysia.

The morning was spent leisurely - we had breakfast, then we decided to go to the Mango outlet somewhere around Station 3 area. The outlet was pretty small and had limited choices, but I found something to buy anyway lol.

After that we found out that walking from the outlet, you can actually find yourself on Station 3 of White Beach - we didn't know this since we made our way there by tuk-tuk. Really, everything is apparently within walking distance! The walk from Station 3 towards our hotel in Station 1 is lovely, and the weather was really good, so we took our time to soak in the atmosphere before we head back to Clark.

Goodbye, Boracay :'(

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