[BORACAY 2013] Day 5: Boracay Day 3

DAY 5 (3 Mar 2013): Boracay Day 3 - Clark
- Parasailing
- Fooled around @ Astoria area
- Walk to Diniwid Beach
- Sunset viewing on paraw boat
- Dinner & walk around D'Talipapa Market (seafood, clothes, souvenir market + seafood restaurants)
- Fire show!

Our last full day on Boracay! :'( Three days feel way too short, perhaps 4-5 days would be just nice for you to enjoy every sea and land activities.

Anyway, a friend and I wanted to do parasailing while the rest opted to go with other activities (e.g. roll around on the bed, fooling around at the hotel poolside). So we arranged to meet up with Ruel that morning for our parasailing activities. The boats will take about 8 people to the parasailing checkpoints, where you're then further separated to only 4 people per boat.

Our parasailing was the double-seater type - less lonely than if you're going alone ;) Plus my friend bought a sealing case for her iPhone which she can rope around her neck - this is for airborne-camwhoring time, of course.

Excuse my face, we woke up super early for this

Waddup, I'm on a boat.

It looks like a cloudy day.
But the view from above was beautiful. 

Yeah, I drove the boat on the way back. Cool eh?
OK FINE IT WAS ONLY A PHOTOSHOOT, but we kinda drove too!

Oh God I was so sunburnt ha. Anyway, after parasailing we made our way back to Astoria. Only to find out that our friends were fooling around in the pool.

Of course we had to join in!

We were famished afterwards, even though we already had the breakfast buffet that morning. So off we go to Real Coffee! This is one of the more popular restaurants selling breakfast food - pancakes, muffins, toasts and of course, coffee. To be honest the coffee was just okay, but the calamansi muffin (and the rest of the muffins)? It's a MUST try - at least buy the calamansi muffin. You actually have to order a day in advance, even though you're only ordering one or two pieces, that's how popular their muffins are. 

"A person who avoids both is wide indeed" - Confucius
(What, if it's on the internet it's totally true!)

My breakfast!
After the late second breakfast (we are, indeed, hobbits - I am unashamed of this), we made our way to Diniwid Beach via the tuk-tuk. Only when we were walking along the beach to the other side did we found out that it's actually connected to White Beach! So you could totally just walk to the end of White Beach (towards the Fridays sign) and walk on, and find yourself on Diniwid Beach. The beach is supposedly more private and house some interesting hotels which looked like they're built into the mountains.


Wait what, are you guys cliff diving?
No? Okay that's cool :'(

This is where the stretch continues onto the White Beach

After all that walking, we went back for a rest back at the hotel. Afterwards, we had an appointment with the sunset. Sunset viewing on the paraw boat is a must - it can fit up to 8 people total, although you'd be pretty squeezed. You'll see what I mean when you look at the pictures.

Waddup I'm on another boat

Almost fell asleep on this.

So that was fun! Although the sunset wasn't quite as nice as I would've wanted it, it was still an unforgettable experience and you should try it at least once :)

It was nighttime, so off to find food we go!

Based on recommendations, we wanted to go to D'Talipapa, which is basically a market with seafood, clothes, souvenirs, and other products. It's also one of the only known "halal" place for Muslim eaters, and most of the sellers I saw who are Muslims are based in D'Talipapa :) Plus the seafood is gorgeous and stupendous and yummy. Ruel and co. basically arranged the reservation for dinner and we went around the wet market to find all the ingredients (fresh seafood, yum) before asking the restaurant to cook it in different sorts of dishes. And yes I think you'd have to book in advance - the place was full when we arrived and we were lucky Ruel made a reservation for us.

I'm salivating just posting this, darn :(

 Oh God why did I post this thIS WAS A TERRIBLE MISTAKE T_T

ANYWAY. After shopping for a bit for souvenirs after dinner (Muslims got additional discounts for some of the stalls :D Yay!), we went back to walk along White Beach since it'll be our last night there. 

One of the restaurants had a fire show going on! 

That marked our last night in Boracay :'(

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nazirul razak said...

awesome picture girl ....well done
just curious on the food,how much does all the seafood cost ???it's really mouth watering ... :)

Nadirah said...

Argh, sorry was so busy with my new job that I kinda neglected this blog!

As for the seafood, I think it came to RM50/pax :) Depends on what you ordered jugak lah.