[JAPAN 2015] Day 4: Hakone

I was actually debating on where to go on this day, since I didn't have any concrete plans just yet. In the end, I went with a one-day Hakone visit - would've loved to stay there for a night but since I didn't plan for it, the day trip would have to do.

There's a lot to do in Hakone, but since my time was limited, I decided to visit the Hakone Shrine before making my way to Owakudani. I was also planning on finding an onsen in Hakone where you could rent a private onsen for an hour or two for your usage, but somehow got lost and found myself in a Miyazaki movie instead lol.

A taste of what it would feel like to be in a Miyazaki movie. Little did I know there was more to come...

Lunch with a view before I have to make my way to the Pirate Ship.

Transportation mode no. 1: pirate ship
Dude, how much fun would it be to go on a school trip to Hakone! Lucky kids T_T

Transportation mode no. 2: cable car
Transportation mode no. 3: train (which goes up a pretty steep slope!)
Finally arrived at Owakudani. The sulphurous odour was pretty overwhelming lol. 

Thank you random passerby for helping me take this picture!

This was supposed to take me to the private onsen... or so Google maps tells me.
OK, I should be getting closer right?

Hmmm... not it.
Good God, even this looks inviting enough for me to jump in at this point.
...Welp, couldn't find it. Back to the train.

....Where is everyone?
This station was totally deserted except for me, and the 5 minutes of wait for the train felt like an eternity LOL. This place could've been one of Miyazaki's inspiration, who knows.
It was a pretty packed daytrip in the end - perhaps next time I go to Hakone, I would book a ryokan room with a private onsen to prevent myself from entering into another Miyazaki world :P But then, getting lost in another world is half the fun of travelling, so onwards we go!

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