[ICELAND 2015] Day 2: Blue Lagoon & Reykjavik City Tour

Excited to start off our first full day in Iceland, our general plan for the day was to go to the Blue Lagoon for some geothermal bathtime and then it's off to a Reykjavik city tour with Reykjavik Excursions.

The weather was pretty gloomy when we arrived, and there was basically no sign of the sun at all throughout the day, lol. Hence the gloominess of the pictures. We enjoyed ourselves regardless - had a lot of fun at the Blue Lagoon for instance haha. Some of us did an impromptu commercial for Qu Puteh even :P


The Muslimah guide & tips to Iceland's Blue Lagoon 
For the Muslim travellers who wants to take a dip at the Blue Lagoon, do allocate an hour or two to enjoy the lagoon - it's an artificial lagoon, but the thermal bath is really worth it. You can wear your own swimsuits (and yes, Muslimah swimsuits are allowed as long as they're proper swimsuits), and don't forget to bring your own towel as well! Otherwise, you can rent one there but you might as well bring your own. Also, I've heard you should wear your least-loved swimsuit here as the water might damage your swimsuit, but I didn't see any damages to my swimsuit so it should be okay. To be safe, if you have a couple of swimsuits, take your oldest or least-loved one :P

When you get to the lagoon, you get a chip bracelet which you will use for your lockers - don't lose this bracelet and make sure it's tightened at your wrist. Pick a locker and lock it with your bracelet.

Before going into the lagoon itself, you should shower first at the shower rooms - I saw people showering with their bathing suits, but I think you're supposed to shower without them. Anyway, there are covered and uncovered shower rooms on the ladies' side, so you can choose the covered & lockable shower room. Note: there are no rails to hang your towels, so you'd have to hang your towel at the shower door.

Once you get inside the lagoon area, you can place your towel and slippers at the allocated area before making your way to the lagoon. You can also find the mud masks around this area if you fancy a go for a Qu Puteh commercial in Iceland :P

Once you're done with your dip, come back out and have another shower (bring your towel with you) and head back to your locker to finish changing into your outfit. Plastic bags are provided at the locker area and shower area (so you can place your wet swimsuit into the bags), and after you've changed, you can use the hairdryer at the makeup / mirror station.

After being in the Blue Lagoon for 15-20 minutes (we had a bus and a tour to catch lol), we rushed off to the Reykjavik City Tour. As there was no sign of the sun peeking out from behind the clouds, the landscape itself looks pretty gloomy throughout the day.

Höfði House
We can see Esja mountain peeking through at the background


The above is the Hallgrímskirkja church, the most astounding piece of architecture in Reykjavik at 73m tall - you can actually see the peak of it in the panoramic pictures above. It was said that the church was designed to resemble Iceland's famous basalt lava columns - to me, it kind of looks like a variation of the church organs :) An interesting architectural structure, and the large pipe organ within the church was beautiful as well. You can actually go up to the top of the church, but it will cost you a few krona.

After the city tour ended, we went walking around the city in search of good food and some nightlife. Tomorrow would be our road trip to the Snaefellsnes Peninsula!