[JAPAN 2015] Day 12: Osaka

As today would be my last day in Japan, I decided to take it easy and just visit a few places which was on my list before ending it with a final shopping spree in Shinsaibashi (I can't return from Japan without visiting Book Off - it's my favourite store in Japan lol). I initially wanted to go to Kumano Kodo, but seeing the crowd at Mt. Koya I decided to call it off hahaha. There's no way I was going to survive standing for another 6 hours in a train #knowyourlimits

Decided to make my way to Sumiyoshi Taisha in the morning, which is one of Japan's oldest shrines. It's also one of the few shrines whose architecture is not influenced by other Asian cultures, and are considered purely Japanese.

The infamous Sorihashi Bridge. During hatsumode this is the most-visited site lol I don't think I can handle that kind crowd

Made my way to Nakanoshima Park, where (as luck would have it) they had a rose garden and some kind of viewing event going on. A lot of people were just playing around in the park with their families and kids (some even had a camping tent set up) - this is basically a fun place to people watch.

You can take a river cruise here

If my dad lived in Japan, this would be him with his plein air painting

After that, I made my way back to my hotel, which was situated around Den Den Town area, so decided to do some last minute shopping at Book Off in Shinsaibashi and walked around the area before calling it a night.


And thus ends my Japan 2015 trip.

...Little did I know I was going again in December for Maaya's New Year Countdown, LOL. (A post on the NYE trip to come!)

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