Photobook Malaysia - Personalized Luggage Tag

I've always loved Photobook Malaysia's service and products and ever since I've bought and created a few photobooks with them.

I found a deal through Groupon Malaysia for their luggage tags, and since it was relatively cheap, I snapped up the deal and immediately designed my luggage tag using Photobook's online app. Thanks to their luggage tag template, the designing portion of the ordeal itself was pretty easy, and within 30 minutes I submitted my order. I'm efficient when I want to be but I procrastinate the rest of the time.

Photobook Malaysia finished their production within 2 days and the product has only just arrived a few minutes ago - all in all, the whole process only took 3 working days.

Upon receiving the item, I was happy to see how conscientious their packagings are - the luggage tag is wrapped nicely and a care instruction for your luggage tag is included in the packaging.

Tbh my first thought when I got the luggage tag was that it's too pretty to be used lol.

The luggage tag itself is made of steel (it's not overly strong but it's not bendable), infused with a special coating which is supposed to protect the tag from rust and oxidation and is also waterproof. However, do note that the care instruction mentioned that you should not expose the luggage tag to too much sun as it is prone to discolouration - too bad they didn't put any sunblock coating onto the luggage tag, eh :P

Overall I'm very happy with the luggage tag - it comes in two sizes, and I chose the smaller size as I was thinking of using it for my carry-on luggage or just my handbag. 

So if you're thinking of buying a personalized hand luggage tag, you might want to look at what Photobook Malaysia has to offer.