[JAPAN 2014] Day 6: Kyoto

DAY 6 (18 May 2014): Kyoto
- Kiyomizudera Temple
- Higashiyama District
- Arashiyama Bamboo Grove
- Romantic Train

On this day we decided to take it easy, and make our way wherever we have time for since Kyoto is so big to explore. I opted to go to Kiyomizudera Temple alone since I had to wake up early for Subuh prayer anyway. Used google maps to make my way from Rakuza Gion Guesthouse - Japan's portable wireless is the most useful invention ever! The streets were curiously empty, especially when compared to how packed it is in the afternoon.

Back at the guesthouse. This common area can be used for eating & socializing.
The narrow & steep stairs to our room. Heavy luggage beware!

Went back to our guesthouse to start off the sightseeing day with my friends next :D Our first stop was Yasaka Shrine and then we made our way up to the Kiyomizudera temple area.

Entrance gate to Yasaka Shrine.

This lady was selling secondhand kimono for cheap :D

My camera's battery gave out like halfway through the Higashiyama area walk lol, so just imagine that every little nook and cranny of these streets are packed with people and you get the idea of how crowded it was on that day.

We didn't go into Kiyomizudera and thought lunch around the Higashiyama area was a bit expensive (plus it was super crowded), so we made our way to Arashiyama to walk through the bamboo grove and ride on the Romantic Train. 

To be honest, I was a bit disappointed with the Romantic Train, but perhaps during autumn the sight would be worth it :) The sights we saw during the Romantic Train ride was pretty similar to the sights we saw on the Hida Wide View while on the way to Shirakawago.

We were pretty famished after all the walking around, as we didn't really have any proper meal throughout the sightseeing (just some snacks here and there). Probably because we're super hunger, the restaurant we picked near the Gion area had one of the best tempura meal ever. I love Japanese food.

Did some grocery shopping and went back to our guesthouse to rest ourselves for the next day, since we'd be waking up early to make our way to Fushimi Inari. 

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