[JAPAN 2014] Day 8 & 9: Osaka & Back to Malaysia

DAY 8 (20 - 21 May 2014): Osaka & Back to Malaysia
- Osaka Castle
- Ebisubashi Suji
- DenDen Town
- Shinsaibashi

Today was to be our last full day in Japan as we're returning to Malaysia on the next day :'( 

But first, pictures of our Airbnb stay! Highly recommended as it's very near Dotonbori and a 10minute walk to the subway (although again, heavy luggages beware).

Breakfast for the day.

They even have bicycles you can use around Osaka! Although there were only 2 so it wasn't enough for the 4 of us.

We made our way to Osaka Castle since my friends haven't been. It's too bad we're not in time for the cherry blossoms because it would've been a beautiful sight.

Look at this guy just chilling in a field of flowers.

We were too early, so most of the stalls weren't opened yet :( Would've loved to eat the takoyaki there. But we consoled ourselves by having the takoyaki near the Ebisubashi suji entrance for breakfast :D 

Had a look around Ebisubashi suji (which was heaven for my friends since they were bakers) and then made our way to Den Den Town. I had a blast shopping today, looking for my denshi jisho (which I finally bought in BIC Camera in the end lol) and buying secondhand manga at Book Off (I LOVE BOOK OFF).

And before we know it, it's time to go back to Malaysia on the next day :( Bye Japan! I'll see you again in Apr-May 2015!

My final haul :DDD

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